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Welcome to the blizzard of 2016 in Louisville, KY! I know that many of you are not fans of heavy snow but you must admit, the stillness and the fresh layer of snow create quite an opportunity to clean out! For me, it gives me a time to stop, reflect and work on the things I have not had time for. Blogging is one of those things. This fresh new blog is going to allow me an opportunity to share me personal thoughts on my professional work and decide how I wish to deliver the messages regarding my genuine Artistry.

With that being said, I take complete responsibility for the comments and concerns shared here as a local business in Louisville, Kentucky. Far too long, I have witnessed the world of the "working class" being compromised on being their true selves as employees because they are unable to vibrate at their personal level when approaching a serious situation like survival. It is my hope that as a business owner, an employee and a human recipient of Universal Reiki Energy, I am noted as "the entrepreneur who was willing to lay it all on the line in order to pay it forward!" As the owner of The Reiki Station, LLC I answer to myself as the boss and to the government as the entity, which requires that, I sign up for tax purposes only. Fair enough. The rest of the rules pertain solely to ethics and aesthetics.

So, why The Reiki Station? It is who I am. Similar to all other inventors when it comes to products and services in our city Louisville, we are birthing a wide range of local business that are ethically reaching for a better world through massage therapy, holistic wellness coaching, intuitive mediumship services and other artistically trusted services like beauty care, food intake classes and and over all happiness coaches And wow, can I just say Thank you!! What a City we are Louisville! So is there room in our city for Reiki Masters and LMT's and "other" energy workers to create establishments where light workers are taken seriously and patrons will eventually show up on their doorstep inquiring of their services? My answer to that is yes. Last year alone, I met over 50 new peer to peer personal and business connections that are vibrating at the same level as I am and are seeking to establish themselves as serious lightworkers in our hometown. The consensus is pretty straightforward. Is what we do on a personal level with our clients valued as much as other establishments serving up wellness?, Well, unless you are fierce with marketing and confidence, it is very difficult for clients to find you when they do not know you exist. Explaining these unique differences in services between entrepreneurs like Reiki Practitioners, Yoga Teachers, and a Massage Therapists require a clear sense of branding and exposure.

As I come up on my first full year as an LLC, I am still a bit lost in the details but slowly; the puzzle pieces are starting to fit. I hope this next paragraph gives you a sense of direction on how and where I feel The Reiki Station is heading in 2016/2017. Last year, as I pressed through challenges of continued adult education, independent business set up, and costly marketing decisions and personal development, I almost dropped my basket. I can tell you there were MANY emotional moments where I sat in turmoil wondering whether or not I was to give up the dream of opening The Reiki Station as a business, or allowing the vision at hand to use every drop of essence available to me by the Universe until the vision of the future became more clear. I choose the hard road. The work. I chose to keep going. And now, I have a very clear idea of what my creation will become IF I keep up the journey. The requirements of the next 7 months are going to require me to DIG DEEP and trust that the best way to become a successful business owner selling a unique "wellness" approach is to just keep writing about it. Experientially measuring the changes for a first year business is key in looking back on the dream and realizing you weren't crazy for doing it. I think first year business owners that look back at the costly investment of first year building and turn 180 digress and throw up there hands when there has been no financial return. But becoming a license Massage Therapist and a Yoga Teacher by the end of the year 2016 will be extremely helpful in my Artistry. And my seasoned business skills as a corporate Account Executive will prove useful once again once I open my doors later down the road to employees should they wish to accept the mission. :) And I will not be a Boss Bitch! Well, maybe a little.

So, to all my peers and friends working in Light Work, fear not, you are not alone. Keep pressing one! And, to all my family and friends of whom I assumed would be the biggest cheerleaders of all, I ask that you forgive me. I assumed that everyone I knew on a personal level would jump at the chance to support a new wellness business here in Louisville which in theory strives to show others wanting to leave unhappy jobs that they too can be inspired to follow their dreams regardless of race, gender, creed, religion and socieo-economical status and would want to participate in my services. However, I now understand that until you've experience what it is I "do" do, you really don't feel comfortable or obligated to share all my insane posts, videos or blogs. Fair Enough!! Yeah, I got really mad about that because this dream is REALLY BIG. But, I am over it because one of the key lessons in become a genuine Wellness Artist is that you and you alone, have to build it before anyone sees the manifestation of THE dream and is willing to trust that YOU have an amazing talent to promote relaxation and potential wholeness. I am still in my year first year transition period and I am so happy about that! I love my logo, my tagline, my brand and my service menu. I will continue to sharpen my pencil when it comes to how this business looks and I know my mistakes as a business owner are perfectly acceptable and my failures are real and correctable But, once I finally push this baby out of nest, open my doors to the envisioned studio and sacred space mark my words, it will be the party of a lifetime! Thanks for reading!

Holly Goodyear

Owner, The Reiki Station, LLC

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