• Holly Goodyear, Reiki Master

"The Reiki Station, LLC. Commitment to Excellence!"

Good Day to everyone! It is nice to know that we live in a World where commitment to excellence is still abundant and that we have liberty and justice for all! :)

It is very important that the message I present to you today, as a new business owner, be clear and concise. As a single member LLC, if I do not disclose to you the mission of my business, it will be impossible for me to succeed, therefore, providing for my clients excellent results.

I have done a poor job lately of funding the personal energy it takes to be a business owner, much less a Reiki Master. I have let a lot of "emotion" and "political" frustration, stand in the way of growth lately and a possible future as a successful business owner, this is exactly the thing I want to prevent. So, instead of looking into the past too much, I want to commit myself to look toward the future of "The Reiki Station" and pray that the mission statement and the services offered by my business, are indeed, helpful and constructive to our community and our nation. But, please note, their is a VERY PASSIONATE REASON I am working so hard to one day open the doors of The Reiki Station, LLC as a Reiki Wellness Center

It was my 14 years experience as a health insurance broker, that gave me a very close look at the cost factors surrounding our nations medical healthcare plans. It allowed me a bird’s eye view of the battle we (experts) waged during the Healthcare Reform Act implementation. And although I am astounded at the silence from my "ex-colleagues" and "friends" who fought so hard to get through those political blunders, it is up to me to decide how I channel the memory of how I got here. The changes we have experienced under our new healthcare system, is still very unstable. But as a professional Reiki Master, I hope to help encourage others to not just find "bearable" solutions when it comes to health, I try and work with my clients on to find ways to take small steps on how they may handle what it is they need when it comes their family, their own health, their employers or employees. And as I speak to other Reiki Masters, I ask that you too, help me PROMOTE the cause, by educating people to know what is available to them, energetically. And, just like my career as a broker, I cannot do this alone.

So, how can we make it better?

Know that, the energy you bring to a situation will either make, or break, the message you are trying to convey to any audience. And just the negativity alone surrounding our healthcare system is wasteful and useless unless we can connect from the inside out. We have to take responsibility and address the "energy" we are bringing into the room, in order to keep the national medical "titanic" from sinking as well as our personal spaces and personally, how we perceive our situations.


I found that when I had the perception that I was fighting alone in order to help our nation find a better solution for health and wellness, "work" tried to kill me. Why? Because I, chose to spent 60 hours a week, for years, pretending to be happy and productive my in a system that did not see me as a person, much less single handedly able to solve a national problem that was beyond me. I allowed ALL my personal energy to be consumed and expelled. So when I left my career path in search of enlightenment in order to avoid another day of burnout, ENTERED REIKI!

And Thank GOD, for Reiki. At first, I did not know what Reiki was. I stumbled on an article that talked about Personal Energy and Energy Vampirism. Immediately, I knew, I had been a victim, and a predator, when it came to the human energy system. I would use any form of energy I could find in order to survive another day. I did not know what this transference of cellular data was until it just HIT ME! “We are all made up of hormonal chemicals and we do affect others when our chemistry is generally WHACKED OUT”! Biochemistry is an amazing field of study, and Reiki and Holistic Work play a huge part in the chemical role when it comes to our bodies.

You see, when you walk in a room, if your mind and emotions are stuck on a problem and someone unknowingly enters your thought pattern (while you are frustrated), there is a piercing of the energy field that downloads that frustration into each other's space, and you can feel, their emotion as well as they "feel" yours. This is very natural. It is the human way of "reconfiguring bio-chemical data" and most of us are very empathic to others, especially at work.

It is when we are uncompassionate toward someone’s feelings, (and emotions) that we can get Wonky! Tension increases and the methods we use to move forward pushing to meet our own goals, can be taken an offensive. You block people out when you are not "ready" to "hear" what they have to say. Information overload has us all channeling "stress" and we are not using "universal" energy to exchange chemical data with one another. "The Water Hole IS then Poisoned and Productivity goes NOWHERE." I "think" that is where I have been lately. Perceptuallly, going Nowhere. (at least for now.) Waiting for big ideas to manifest causes that same frustration and everyone feels it. :)

In closing today, I want to apologize for bringing all of my PERSONAL hurts and wounds from my 14 years as a broker, into my new career path as a Reiki Master and soon to be Massage Therapist. Becoming a Reiki Master has been the best thing I have ever accomplished and event though it was initiated by the mental and emotional abuse surrounding how I viewed MY WORK, it IS THE CHANNEL that has offered me FREEDOM from my limits.

I want my clients and my friends to know, as new business owner myself, I am still learning all this stuff. And, it is not mere profitability I seek most (although, yes, I want to be profitable) but, it is the hope that I can one day, employ people who can articulate energetic wellness to their clients and bio-chemically transfer physical healing help as well as emotional healing help. So for Today, I am making a new commitment to excellence as I educate myself to do the same, both personally and professionally.

Be Well!

Holly Goodyear

Owner, Creator, The Reiki Station, LLC



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