• Holly Goodyear, Reiki Master

"What to Expect As A Reiki Student?"

Hello! I hope today finds you well! As a Master Level Reiki Practitioner, it is time for me to put together my first "official" Reiki class and offer this amazing gift to other people. As a student massage therapist and Reiki Master, I have blessed to work on over 100 people since 2014 and 80% of them have allowed me to practice Reiki on them in one form or another. And though most of my clients and peers are super excited to hop on my table, because I am also practicing full body massage on their "person," and it is when you add the mediation and chakra clearing techniques AND Reiki energy, that I find, orchestrates an execptional Mind Body Spirit experience for my client. Therefore, in my quest as an objective Reiki "business owner", and a probing practitioner, I seriously think it is time to offer up a class. :)

So, what to expect from a class offered by The Reiki Station®? Well, it may be easier for me to tell you what NOT to expect.

1. Do not expect your life will become easier and you will have the power to shoot lightening bolts from your fingers destroying roadblocks in any form. It's not like that.

2. Do not expect to go out and lay hands on 100 people the next day, healing your tribe-mates, your coworkers and your family. Jesus even did not allude to that expectation and at first, people get real wonky when you say I am doing "energy work".

3. If you are an active traditional Christian, do not expect your congregation to approve you right away. There is a huge learning curve at hand when it comes to explaining Reiki healing compared to how evangelical Christian "healers", view where this healing energy comes from. This theological communication gap is slowly closing but I have yet to see the two healing hands' become one initiative. You most likely will not receive clearance as "sheep" to participate in this Eastern Modality so you must make that decision based solely on your own convictions.

4. Do not expect to walk into a medical practice and get a job as a healer because of your certificate. The certification process is provided through me by The International Center for Reiki Training and can be viewed at Before you do anything, check out this website. This is the organization I am a participant of but please note, this is not a medical degree nor a doctorate and there are a few different forms of the traditional Reiki. I choose to take the path mastered by Dr. Mikao Usui Reiki Master, but I ALSO choose to become a minister of the Universal Life Church. I also am enrolled in a legit school for Massage Therapy in order to "protect" myself as a business owner because I do touch the human body in most of my sessions and I KNOW that massage therapy is so important. (You need permission in some form to touch your clients when doing Reiki, so be sure you understand this.)

5. You may not feel a lot different after the attunement. Many people mention they feel lighter, or have visions, or feel relieved of stress or long term tension after a Reiki Attunement. I, personally felt more confident in myself and reduced emotional pretenses that I had to to "perfect" in order to "perform" in any sector of my life. Reiki, gave me the confidence to be myself emotionally as well as spiritually reconfigured my cellular coding in ways that is unexplainable. (My Conditioning). I just received a "knowing" that things are the way they are and everything is "ok". (Again, that is a drop in the bucket from one person's perspective. Every attunement is different.)

My friends, this is only a mere explanation

of why I chose the path of Reiki

and does not fully expand on my passion

to see Reiki increase in our country

and it is now time to start teaching this.

It is because much of our nation has been founded on limited precepts that are no longer facilitating healthy vibrations for our new generation. "We need to review alternative measures of what it means to be well as we change vibrational patterns during 2016 and beyond".

And even though, my spiritual roots are grounded firmly in the Faith I was raised in, I am willing to branch out and look deeper into the the natural progression of our human evolution, in order to see people reach happiness. Reiki is safe. Reiki harms NO ONE and Reiki is a perfect compliment to your mind, body and spirit, no matter the path you are on. Please consider attending a class.

For more on classes, locations and pricing, please contact me at or 502.322.4938.

Thank you for your time.

Holly Goodyear

The Reiki Station®

Reiki Master and Karuna® Level 1 Practitioner

Usui® Tradition


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