• Holly Goodyear, Reiki Master

Springtime Equals Growing! Great for Business!

Hello! I hope today you are well and living in your highest vibration! I am excited to write today and tell you that Spring is bringing exceptional growth to The Reiki Station and this season, you may see me out and about in the community making great strides to share the message about my new business, The Reiki Station, and it's future initiatives! How awesome is that??????? :)

Already this year, I have scheduled the business to be present at several amazing events in Louisville and in Lexington! I have not only secured several voluntary corporate chair massage gigs with some seriously willing offices, my senior semester peer, Olivia Klotz and I are going to be sharing a booth at the following places!

You have to come check us out and Meet Olivia! She has an amazing gift in her touch! And she is completely passionate about the Art's community here in Louisville! I am BEYOND BLESSED to know her as a peer and more so, a beautiful FRIEND that understands what it means to vibe and as the owner of The Reiki Station, I am honored to share space with her at these events! Isn't she adorable!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Join us below at the following events and be sure to share with your friends. This time of year in Louisville is so exciting so stop by our booths this season and let us pamper you with a free massage!!!


*The Flea Off Market in Louisville on April 9th, located at 1007 E. Jefferson Street in Louisville. 10-?

*The Buy Local Fair sponsored by LIBA (Louisville Independent Business Alliance) on May 22nd at Louisville Water Tower Park. 12-6

*The Mighty Kindness Hoot on June 11th at The Waterfront Parks by the Brown Forman Pavillion. 12-7

Just click on the links to learn more!

As a final semester massage therapy student, a Reiki Master and a student of holistic fitness and wellness (as old as I may be getting I still got game,) I am hopeful that these events will bring us more lovers of the Art's together so we can expand our hearts and our minds! By sharing time and space together it will be sure to bring MORE passion and desire to be the best person you can be no matter what your craft!!!

The Reiki Station is all about creating collective harmony with one another and sharing good vibrations as a gift to the World. Be unique! Be exciting! Be Free to Live Your Dream!

I hope to see you all soon!

Find your Channel! Find Your Freedom!

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Holly Goodyear

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